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Hi my friend.

Welcome. I would really appreciate us sharing internet marketing strategies! What programs work for you regarding recruiting? What programs do actually generate income for you? 


For me, surf sitesis still the best recruiting vehicle! Especially so since I developed my own simple FREE recruiting method basedon the CONNECT feature of EasyHits4U and ISO. As a result I am consistently getting 2 – 3 signups every day! I am using this method also as an incentive for my prospects to join my incomegenerating programs like e.g. AdClickXpress and GlobalAdShare. When you join any or all of these programs (They are FREE to join) using my referral link, I will teach you my recruiting method!  


Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

TRAFFICMONSOON 1x1.trans Legit PTC List

Earn money with click and surf + 100% from referals ...Buy ad pack for 50$ you get 55$ after 55 days and 1000baners or visit to your site...

Revenue Sharing
TrafficMonsoon offers up to 110% cashback on your advertising package purchases.

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can recommend the Ad Packages of AdClickXpresss. This is by far the best program I have come across in my 10 years of internet experience!

It is FREE to join and - at the moment - you even get a $10 welcoming gift, that enables you to buy your first $10 Ad Package! Thus you will start making 2%/day (1%/day onweekends) for about 80 days on that amount right away (ROI=150%)! Recently, ACX added a MEDIA program. This differs from the AdPackage program in that a MediaPackages only costs $5. The Earning potential is identical (ROI=150%) and in this case you will get $5 to buy your first MadiaPackage. One does not exclude the other! 

Buying additional Ad Packages and/or MediaPacks will raise your daily earnings proportionally! You can speed up the earning process considerably by reinvesting your earnings! Recruiting is also profitable, as you will earn 10% commission on investments made by your 1st level referrals and 5% on those made by your 2nd level referrals!

Be sure to click on "Check this out" and signup as an AFFILIATE member rather than an ADVERTISER, because only as an affiliate member, you will be able to EARN money!


Neobux- leader PTC sites

NeoBux is a great site that I use that has allowed me to make a lot of money!  Neobux is a PTC website, which means "paid to click."  Basically, a PTC website means you simply click on advertisements and get paid.  Sounds easy, right.  I think it is, considering it typically only takes 5 minutes a day to for me to use.

Neobux has been around for quite some time, and it has paid many people a lot of money (something like $10,000,000+).  Millions of users have signed

(dayli 10000)  up and have rewarded for sing it.  Neobux was established in 2008, so it has been shown to be a thriving and reliable website.  It only requires a few minutes of your time per day, and the possibilities are endless.  Let's dive into the PTC world.

To Begin, you need to simply register an account on Neobux Here :    123456




This is a very simple, yet very powerful program that is different from any other program I ever joined.

PaidVerts ( is new program which can be classified as being an awesome hybrid between a Paid-To-Click and a Revenue Share program. It was launched on March 31, 2014 by Jo Cook.Well, he is not only an experienced marketeer. He is also the proud owner of MyTrafficValue ( a crowdfunding platform which is online since early 2010.

This is how to make money and earn more with PaidVerts:

1) The amount of BAP you got (group),

2) The total sales generated that day (yes… it’s not a HYIP! Money comes from genuine sales!).

Paidverts comes also with affiliate system. Earn 10% on every purchases your referrals make and 5% on their clicks (You will love when they start clicking high-value ads! :D).

Feel free to join me at :

I will be glad to support you and guide you when required , and im send my strategy.


This is a program I just joined 4 months ago! It has great potential! Minimum investment is just $5 for a Mini Share and you can use your earnings to upgrade and invest in $10 TurboShares. In GlobalAdShare, 100% of the profits are shared by the members. There is no requirement to click on ads, nor is it necessary to get referrals, but when you do, you can raise your income considerably as you will earn 10% commissions on thepayments made by your referrals! In fact even with just 50 referrals, I am already withdrawing $10/day!


This is not a replacement for GlobalAdShare, this is a fun addition to our programs as we search for ways to make more income for more people. It was an idea that we had several years ago, and when we launched GAS  the ideas started to jell on how to incorporate the best of what we had learned into a program that all could afford and be successful. We will continue supporting and paying out GlobalAdShare as we are very proud and happy at the success we have had and plan on much more success in the future.
Check out GlobalFortune11, read the "How It Works" page
and the FAQ page so you can make an informed decision







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Traffic Exchange with 820,000+ members


EasyHits4u - massive traffic exchange, 1:1 exchange ratio, Innovative referral program. It's all absolutely FREE - Your Free Traffic Exchange


There are several ways for you to earn money with ClixSense. First is by viewing advertisements that are in our system. You earn commissions for every ad you see. The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02.

Other ways you can earn from ClixSense is through promoting others to our site with our affiliate program. You earn downline click commissions, upgrade commissions and a commission from your referrals's purchases. The amount you make all depends on your account status (Premium or Regular).

Premium members earn higher downline click commissions from their direct referrals, are entered into an 8 level affiliate program for premium upgrades and earn signup commissions. You can also earn additional commissions by completing tasks, offers, participating in surveys and winning in ClixGrid.


for serbian click HERE or click only for banners HERE

....and more opportunities






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